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We love Jesus.
We tithe.
We pray before dinner and before bed, therefore insuring we are good baptists.
Our kids sing worship songs.
Our dog barks the hallelujah chorus.
We celebrate Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
We hunt for eggs and wear smocked outfits.
We set money on fire in the form of fireworks and sing every verse to The Battle Hymn of the Republic.
Our kids dress up in costumes and the candy tax is our way of showing them how much it stinks to be adults.
We eat Turkey and survive the entire family all being under the same roof. (Besides, we all know this is the only holiday that counts)
Our Christmas tree looks like Clark Griswold threw up on it and we stick to our present budget.


We are still going to heaven!

Holidays are what you make of them.

We are choosing to make Halloween fun our kids. Dressing up in costumes they have designed and trick or treating for candy that we won’t buy them.

This works for us.

And it doesn’t have to for you. That’s the beauty of having your own family!

Enjoy your day and implement the candy tax. Because life is about learning lessons and realizing that Mom needs Almond Joy’s and Reese’s way more than you do.