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Nothing says Happy Halloween like a ghost who looks like he’s throwing the bird to the camera. Awesome. We keep it classy up in here!

It was impossible to get a picture of all the kids together. Like major drama impossible.
The shark wanted to eat everything in sight, the cowboy kept trying to shoot the shark and he was not having that, the princess wanted everyone to look at her twirl, the ghost was upset because he couldn’t see out of his eye holes very well and the boxer was itching to punch the crap out of someone. Namely the shark.
Trick or treating was awesomely chaotic. I kept trying to count little costumed heads but finally gave up and figured that anyone crazy enough to take a biting shark would bring him back. Plus, my blood pressure couldn’t handle the stress anymore. (I’m fairly confident it was 200/589 at one point.)
We came home with an insane amount of candy and of course the candy tax was implemented. Ha!

All in all it was a fun night and one that I’m glad only happens once a year!