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Today, I want to make you aware of 3 precious babies my family has been praying for.
I understand that this is the biggest election since, well, ever and today is huge, but I’ve honestly been burned out about the election for the last several months. I’m going to spend my day praying that God’s will is accomplished in our country and that these kiddos will grow into the men and women God created them to be!

1. Connor Rouintree

Precious baby boy of Jessie Rouintree. Jessie has been a member of our church for a long time now and we have watched her grow up into a strong woman of God.
Her son Connor was born with some complications that were quickly resolved and they were sent home only to return to the hospital days later. Conner was admitted with bacterial meningitis and ecoli. He is having some issues related to the treatment and with keeping his fever down. Jessie has created a FB group to keep everyone informed and to let them know how to pray. Please go like this page and pray for our sweet boy! I have 2 NICU miracles running cray cray around my house and this journey in front of her is one close to my heart. If you feel led to send Jess a gift card or just a letter of encouragement, email me and I will send you the address.

2. Samuel Warren


Jeremy and Sarah are some of our dearest friends and they are in the waiting process of bringing their baby home! We are so excited for them and can’t wait to love all over Samuel. Sarah has been blogging their journey and I love to read where God is stretching and growing them. Her heart is so precious and the love she has for her son is evident in every single word.
Pray for sweet Samuel to come home soon!

3. Katie Tanquary


Our cousins, Aaron and Tosha are also in the process of bringing their beautiful daughter home from Bulgaria! Love all these babies God is putting into homes that will raise them up to love Him! Tosha felt God leading her to start a Mission in their hometown to help unwed mothers and it has grown into a great way to be the hands and feet of Christ. I want to encourage you to follow them on their blog and pray about supporting their ministry. Katie is gonna have to be one tough little girl to make it in our insane family! Can’t wait to love on her!!