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Our poor Christmas tree! We put it up early this year (Monday after thanksgiving) and it already looks like something Cousin Eddie would be proud of!
I’m in love with having a real tree and John likes being able to throw it away and not figure out how to store it for another year. Our first year of being married, we got a real tree and I made John promise to not take it down until it started to die.
The sucker lived until the week after valentines day!
We were those neighbors that had a dead Christmas tree out by the trash can and it took the trash guys weeks to get rid of it. Apparently hauling off Christmas trees in February is out of the norm.


Anyway, we got this amazingly beautiful tree from Lowe’s this year and it lasted all of 3 days.
Loch and John Bridge managed to take all the ornaments off that they could reach and then set up a play house in the bottom branches! I’m talking complete with blankets and books. The thing seriously looks like a Griswold fail!
I had to take all the ornaments off that were left on the thing and I’m still working on the tree skirt (thank you Pinterest. “Easy” tree skirt my booty.)


(It’s hard to tell the size of the hole from this picture but it’s big enough for a 2 year old to crawl around in.)

Loch is obsessed with Christmas lights and he takes great joy in being able to unplug and replug them. Every single time they come back on its the same “oooohhh aaaaahhh” moment. I guess I need to give him his own strand of lights to play with!

Needless to say, the whole “things come to our house to die” saying now applies to Christmas trees. And glass ornaments. And plastic ornaments. And hangers. And Eskimo Joes cups. And puppy dogs. And dvd’s. And makeup. And furniture…….

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