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The Christmas parade was a success! And for those of you who were like “uh…why is the Tidwell family walking by themselves in the parade?! Are they that family?” Well. We were walking with the Ministerial Alliance at the request of the Parade Marshall, but because the Alliance is mostly a bunch of guys, we didn’t have a sign or anything! So it literally just looked like we were the stuck up family who wanted a chance to be seen by the whole town! Have mercy. 2 other pastors showed up to walk, but we were supposed to have around 5. Oh well. The kids enjoyed it and John got to love on some people he hasn’t seen in forever and JOHN BRIDGE STAYED DRESSED. So all in all, it was a successful night!
(oh and it doesn’t matter how cute they are, riding boots were a terrible idea to wear to walk the length of 700 football fields. Or at least it felt like 700.)


The amount of things going on in the picture crack me up! Brooks is mad he doesn’t get to ride a motorcycle, Wake is wanting to eat all the candy, Finley can’t give a real smile to save her life, John Bridge is upset because Loch keeps taking the bag of candy just to torment him and Loch is just happy to be somewhere.
The bag of candy lasted for about 2 minutes and then it was gone. And what good is a walking family in a parade if they don’t have candy?!
The kids were really good about throwing it except Loch. He had a handful of candy in one hand and was throwing the wrappers to people! He kept opening the tootsie rolls with his teeth and the shoving it in before we saw it. I’m fairly confident that he owned at least 10 of those suckers!


The Second Christmas Giveaway is here!!! Woohoo!!!

Katie Byrd is a stay at home mom who makes THE most adorable headbands I have ever seen! It’s starting to give me a complex at how talented my friends are!
Katie and I went to college together but didn’t really get to know each other well until after I got married. She and her husband have 2 beautiful boys and I’m so sad for her that she doesn’t get to use the headbands yet. I’m praying that God blesses them with a baby girl who will be frufru to the core!

Finley is modeling the headband you have a chance to win! It is the epitome of girlie.


The details are amazing. Pearls, feathers, flowers, lace, “diamonds”, buttons, beads…soooo girlie! I really want to keep it for myself!

But, in the spirit of Christmas giving and what not, I want one of you to win it!

All you have to do is :

1. Go like Katie’s page Petals N’ Lace on Facebook

2. Check out the Petals N’ Lace website

3. Share this giveaway via Facebook, Twitter or your own blog.

4. Make sure you have subscribed to my blog

5. Come back here and leave a comment saying you have done some sort of combination of the above and tell me your favorite trick to fixing your hair. Cause sister over here needs some serious help!

The giveaway will end on Sunday the 9th and 12am, so hurry and enter and share!

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.
(I couldn’t resist. Ha!)