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Dear Loch,

I love your independent spirit. I love that you love to try and be as big as the other boys. I love that you love to explore and try new things.

But I do NOT love that you have learned how to crawl out of your bed!

Last night, you crawled out 5 different times between 2am and 6am. The first time I heard you, you were singing down the hallway headed to the piano. Thank God I caught you in time because your pounding on the keys skills will only be appreciated when you are the piano player for a singing group. And I’m not sure they will appreciate it much then.
The second time I found you, you woke John Bridge up so he could play with you and y’all were watching the fish nightlight and talking super loud. John Bridge was very mad he was awake and very quick to throw you under the bus. Flashing your charming smile didn’t work at all that time.
After I finally got John Bridge back to sleep and you back in your bed, I crawled back into mine with every intention of going back to sleep for longer than 10 minutes.

Didn’t happen.

I found you a third time in the kitchen eating an orange, peel and all. Seriously?! That’s so nappy. It leaves this gross film in your mouth! You smelled like oranges from your head down to your soaking feet. I then realized that you peed out of your diaper, so I had to strip your bed and change your clothes.

After going back to bed for maybe 20 minutes this time, you were out again playing with Finny’s dolls. Loudly.
After whooping your butt and putting you back to bed, I went back to my bed. For some dumb reason I actually thought you would go to sleep.
Silly me!

I guess during all this up and down stuff, Finley decided to move herself under your bed. Why? I’ll never know. But you found her and took great joy in letting her know how much wanted her to play with you!
After moving her to our bed so she could get some sleep, I throttled you again, threatened you within an inch of your life, gave you the stank eye, and went back to bed.

It was 5:57am.
My alarm went off at 7am.

I love you. I do not love your new found freedom.

Lets try to not make this a habit ok?
Mommy is on a diet and I’m starving. This combo does not a happy mom make. If I can’t have my BBQ chips and pasta, then I at least need my sleep.


Your sleep deprived, 3lbs lighter mom.