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She woke up in the middle of the night and immediately went to her safe place.


He recognized the barking cough and held her close, gave her some medicine and tucked her in bed with him.

She asked pleadingly “Dad, can everybody lay hands on me and pray?”.

The boys and I were still asleep. He prayed for her and told her that when everyone was awake, we would pray over her.


She adores him. And the feeling is mutual.
She and I have a close relationship, but nothing like they have. In the middle of the night, she wants him. Needs him to pray away bad dreams and kiss her tear stained cheeks.

Her daddy is not only her hero, but he is her glimpse of God.

She knows that prayer is important because he has modeled it her whole little life. She knows that loving people is important because he loves people.
She watches him dance with me in the kitchen and even though it completely embarrasses her, she loves how he loves me.

Every night John prays:

dear Jesus, give sissy a good night sleep. Help her know You when she’s older and grow up to be the woman You’ve created her to be”

There’s nothing magical about these words.
The magical happens at the end of the prayer.

“Sis, do you have any add-ons?”

This is his way of making her own her small, childlike faith. We have prayed for stuffed animals, trees, cars, baby dolls and food. But she is starting to realize the importance of prayer, because the add-ons have changed and will continue to change as she gets older and becomes more aware of her need for Jesus.

Her daddy prays for her. He will do anything he can to protect her. He models faith in front of her. He loves her.

But as much as he loves her, it’s nothing like the love of her Heavenly Father.

So today, we will be gathering around our little girl and praying over her sick body. We will lay hands on her and interceded to the throne on her behalf.
He will hold her and kiss her.
She will bury her face in his chest and experience what it would be like, on this side of Heaven, to be held by the One who Created Her.

Her Heavenly Daddy.