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My kids believe in Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny.

Or, as in the case of Brooks last night, believed.

I knew this day would come, but I honestly thought I had another 3 years at least.
The kids were watching Elf last night and Brooks confronted John with the most depressing phrase ever :

“Dad, tell me the truth. Man to Man. Is Santa real?”

Oh, my heart. I’m so glad he went to John because I’m fairly confident I would have broken down and been a blubbery mess! I teared up when John told me later and then burned the movie that made my baby a non believer.
(In effort of full disclosure, I also thought that one of my brother in laws would be the jerk that spills the beans about Santa. I only have 2 of them, and they both are just mean enough to actually do it!)

The Tooth Fairy is dangerously close to losing her title around here too because she has to be the absolute worst of the bunch. Leaving money in the driveway because she “was scared by the cat”? Yeah. Not my finest moment. But in my defense, I forgot and it just seemed like a logical explanation for why I threw a handful of coins into the driveway.
On more than one occasion they have had nothing under their pillow and a lame excuse as to why the Tooth Fairy doesn’t fly on weekends.

The Easter Bunny? She nailed it this year so we should be good for a while. Hopefully.

There is a certain innocence that is lost when Santa isn’t real anymore! John says I’m completely overreacting and being entirely too dramatic about the whole thing, but whatever.

So, if you see me wearing an ugly Christmas sweater in the middle of April and blaring Here Comes Santa Clause from the car, you have my permission to agree with John and smile and nod.