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It’s time for a favorite things post. It’s been a while, and lets face it…my kids are boring and you would rather read about my latest make up find!

So, without further ado :

1. Whish Shaving Cream

Expensive, but worth every penny! Trust me, I’ve tried every form of shaving cream imaginable. This stuff is amazing. Not only does it feel like you are shaving with heaven, but it smells good too. (Huge plus for me) Ulta has small sample sizes and you need to at least go try it. And then send me a thank you card.

2. Baby Lips

I was introduced to this a while ago by my TN other mother, and it has changed my life. Major words to say about lip balm, but its the truth. There are 3-4 different shades of color and I have them all. My life would be a Taylor Swift song without them!

3. Jeff Johnson Band

Download his new album on iTunes, worship in your car or while you are getting ready for the day and thank Jesus for giving people this kind of talent.

4. Clear Haircare

I’m a Pantene girl. Always have been, and said I always will be. But, this has been a welcomed change for my hair and my wallet. Soooo much cheaper!

5. Macadamia Natural Oil

I discovered this in my latest BirchBox and I’ve been hooked ever since. $$$ but since you only use it twice a week, the bottle lasts for a while. I’ve used the deep mask and the oil. The only downside to the mask is the you have to leave it on for seven minutes, which is hard when you have three littles desperate to be in the bathroom with you. And by desperate, I mean taking the door off its hinges.

6. Instagram

I love Instagram. I love the friendships I’ve made thru pictures and the ability I have to feel like a professional picture taker. Find me (jestidwell) and add me. I can promise you lots of pictures of my kiddos.

And finally….

7. Finley

I love finding pictures like this on my phone. It blesses my heart!