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I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.
I hated the single serve cookie dough in a mug.
The baking soda instead of shampoo pin might as well have been titled “how to kill your hair in 1 easy step”.
And don’t even get me started on the disaster formerly known as Brownie Mix Cheesecake.
The last time I got my nails done, I showed the guy a picture of what I wanted done. I guess he feels about Pinterest like I do, because the chevron looked like Loch did it.
Anyways, my nails were adorable (minus the chevron) but I never could get the cute hand pose that they show all the time. Mine turned out like one of those #nailedit ones.

hand model I am not

So, the boys are nearing the end of school and I have to get teacher gifts.
Ones that say “I’m so sorry that I’m the worst mom ever because we were tardy all the time, I forgot my snack day more than once and never come help out in the class room”. And, as it turns out, there isn’t a board anywhere on that dang Pinterest titled that.
However, I now know that I’m the only person alive who doesn’t have organized washi tape drawers, pictures hung in cute little clumps on every wall, and a freezer full of healthy meals for my family. Also, thanks to Pinterest, my entire closet is out of date.

Side note : if you decide to make your own teeth whitener and use baking soda and peroxide, be prepared. It foams up and makes your mouth tickle. Which, if unprepared, means you end up swallowing the liquid bomb you made in your mouth. Also, if John Bridge is around, he will want to try it. Which then results in having to clean it off the walls.

Yesterday, after looking around and seeing laundry that needs to be done, dishes need to be washed, floors need to be spot treated, steam cleaned and set on fire and bathrooms that have been neglected, I decided to give Pinterest another shot. There had to be some Pin somewhere that would help me stay on track!
But instead, I found myself comparing my inadequacies with “their” outward perfections.
Being a mom is hard enough, but then you go and add Pins to your life from people who probably only have one child (and we all know you aren’t really a parent until you have three kids. One for each parent and then one to tip the scales) and an endless bank account…well, lets just say I had to finally sit down on the couch (that’s covered in clean, folded laundry) and have myself a good cry.

(if crying had a category, this one would look like Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert got together, wrote the ultimate breakup/revenge song and left the guy with a keyed car, killed his puppy and set fire to his original, in the box Star Wars collection. It was bad.)

Our life is crazy. My kids are messy.

I’m exhausted.

And you know what? All the time I spend trying to find the perfect way to stay on track with my house? I could just be cleaning instead of pinning.
Playing with my kids instead of pinning fun ways to play with them.
Working on making healthier choices instead of pinning motivational pictures of women who think that skinny is the only way to be considered beautiful.
Making my bed instead of finding pictures of cute throw pillows to make me want to make my bed.

Everything in life is a choice. I choose to love John every single day.
I choose to brush my teeth with normal toothpaste.
I choose to hug my kids.

And today? I’m choosing to be me. The non-Pinterest mom. Does that mean I won’t ever get on there? No. But it means I’m choosing to quit letting it define me. I’m more than some glitter covered canvas, teal distressed dresser and perfectly teased and braided up do.
I’m a mom of five kids, who keeps it real by having dishes in the sink and spots on the carpet. Because you know something? A living room without spots on the floor means that you don’t invest in the lives of people around you. Carpet is replaceable.
But the lives of the people who have walked into my home and sat on my laundry filled couch? Worth more than any can of perfectly shaded chalkboard paint.