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What does ministry look like to you?

Is it sending $30 dollars a month to a child in Uganda?
Is it cleaning out your closet and sharing with someone in need?
Is it working in the nursery at your church?
Is it taking your neighborhood kids to church with you?

Ministry looked different when I wasn’t “in” it. It looked easy. The Pastor preached a couple hours a week. How hard can that be?!
The music minister sang songs and waved his hand back and forth. Seriously. How hard is that?!
The singing group showed up for Sunday morning service and sang for an hour. No big deal.

Or so I though.

Ministry isn’t just about what people see. I didn’t see the hours spent in prayer. Or the hours spent away from family. The nights the pastor slept in a chair in a waiting room, or the music guy spent pouring over new songs.
Ministry is a calling.
A lifestyle.
A heart for people.

Ministry has many faces.
For me, it’s Brady, Caleb, Johnny, Mallarie, Dustin, Tanner, Rasheed, Zach, Morgan, Meagan, Jorge and Ericka. Kids from our church and community who raised $51,000 dollars to share the gospel in Peru, Panama and Cambodia for 35 days this summer.
It’s Sheena, who waited 24 hours for her husband to make it home from singing in Florida so he could be there when she delivered their daughter Karis into the arms of Jesus.
It’s Magen, Shawna, Sandy and Adrianne. They minister alongside their husbands in youth ministry and its exhausting. Camps, ballgames, Wednesday nights, small groups, Bible studies. Taking time away from your family to love on someone else’s kids.
It’s a congregation who supports their Pastor. Praying for him, encouraging him, and allowing him to do what God has called him to do.
It’s Kurt. Who tills the ground and provides families with healthy food. Who prays over his community and is a light to everyone around him.
It’s Leslie. Taking pictures may just be a hobby to some, but it’s her ministry. She finds the beautiful and captures it; snaps the hard moments and the happiest.

This is just a handful of the ministries that I’ve been privy to. People who give of themselves and ask God every day to use them to bless someone.

Ministry doesn’t come in a box with instructions.
There is no crash course.
It’s not convenient.
It doesn’t always “look” like you expect it to.
And it’s definitely built around interruptions.

But for my family? This is what God has called us to do.

Would you pray for the people you know in ministry today? Pray for our mission team? Pray for your pastor?
Pray that God would place someone in your life to minister to?

“Life is hard and loving people is messy.”

Be about the messy today.