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John Dewey,

In case you needed a refresher :
8 houses, 2 cross country moves, 50 months of pregnancy, 5 kids, 6 dogs, 2 churches, 3 cats, 89,520 diaper changes, 10 jobs between the two of us, 1 tornado, 3 ER visits.

9 years of marriage, today.

108 months of cleaning my hair out of the shower, helping me find my keys and living with my unorganized closet. (RoyGBiv is just dumb)


Statistically, if you make it past the first year, you are becoming a minority. And year 7 is the new 50.
Our benchmark year was 7. We lived multiple lifetimes that year! It was also the year that brought us to Oklahoma, and even though I came kicking and screaming, this was the best thing to ever happen to us.

Being married to you has always been a journey and it’s taught me more about myself than I ever thought possible.
You have shown me unconditional love, how to forgive, genuine worship, faith and grace.
And I have shown you the life changing skill of how to change a diaper, in the dark, in under 30 seconds.

I love everything about our life and I’m glad you chose me to be in it with you.
Wanna shoot for 91 more together?
(For real though. Let’s not. That would mean you would be like 127 years old and NO WAY I can be married to someone that old.)

I love you more now than I did yesterday,