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Our life isn’t flashy.
We don’t own toys or go to the lake on weekends. Our vacations are work trips and our bank account hovers around pathetic. We get phone calls in the middle of the night from people who can’t quit crying long enough to take a breath. Our living room has housed prayer meetings, weddings, fights, tears and joy.
Scrambling to find babysitters for our children why we help others mourn theirs.


This picture is what makes the exhausting weeks of back to back camps worth it. The hours spent pouring truth into lives. The moments we miss with our own kids. The days on end of peanut butter sandwiches and cereal. The tears over someone who continually makes poor choices and you have to help them have a problem.

Our life isn’t ours. Our time isn’t ours.

our kids aren’t ours

Everything we have belongs to God.

Jesus’ ministry was built around interruptions. And ours is no different.

Our kids were an interruption in our life.
Moving across country was an interruption.
Being asked to leave our church was an interruption.
Spending 2 weeks at different kids camps this summer was an interruption.

But for Blakeley? Her interruption brought about salvation!

and that’s what we are all about