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5 years ago, I was a boy mom. Had no clue about girls, other than they are expensive and loud.

5 years ago, I couldn’t decide on a baby girl name. A good name matters, so I was desperate to not make her stuck with one she would hate.

5 years ago, I watched as John took on another role. Daddy to a princess. Protector.
First love.

5 years ago, the first man to ever love her knew something wasn’t right. He sensed it. As John was holding baby girl Tidwell, he watched her struggle.

5 years ago, I became a NICU mom. Even though our stay was minuscule compared to others, it’s still heartbreaking. Seeing your baby hooked up to countless wires and beeping machines is scary.

5 years ago, after 3 days of being baby girl Tidwell, we decided on Finley McCrae Tidwell.


Today, twirling in the new dress especially made for her, she decided on Boomerang Diner for her breakfast date with dad.
As she waltzed out the door, I couldn’t help but see her 5 years from now; a vivacious 10 year old who probably won’t want to wear the dress her mom made for her, but still desperately excited about the birthday breakfast date with her daddy.

My princess is 5 today.

And I love her more now than I did 5 years ago.

Happy Birthday Mac! I love you.