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Lent isn’t something I normally participate in. Not because I don’t see value in it, but let’s face it…the thought of giving up chocolate, tv, coffee or makeup for 40 days seems really valley girl-ish.  {And no body in their right mind wants to see me without makeup!}
But then a sweet, precious minister friend of mine said to me one day “what if lent isn’t about giving something up, but rather taking something on?”. This radically changed my view on this mostly liturgical observance!
What if instead of giving up coffee, I made a conscious decision to do my bible study every morning with my coffee? Or what if instead of watching Law and Order SVU on Hulu during my insanely long make-up routine, I watched a sermon. Or listened to a podcast.
We {the general Christian public} use lent as a way to give up things that don’t really matter to us in an effort to seem more Holy. {But that’s only if we are being super honest with ourselves!} Lent, to me, is about stepping outside your own selfish ways and allowing God to radically change you. To show you something about yourself that you wouldn’t normally see because you are too busy just “being”.
This Lenten season, I am not giving up anything.
I am still going to eat chocolate and wear make-up. {and all God’s people said Amen!}
I am going to drink my coffee and troll on the Facebooks.
But in all this, I am choosing to take on Jesus. Every single day. If that means doing a bible study, encouraging a fellow mom, meeting a struggling woman for coffee, praying with someone in the middle of Wal-Mart, buying the lunch of the single mom sitting across the table from me or just extending my kids an extra measure of Grace. Being His Hands and Feet, intentionally, the next 40 days, and hopefully beyond.

Want to join me?