This morning in America, most of us will wake up late, hustle thru our morning routine, screech into the church parking lot and race to our already saved seats. We will complain about the temperature, complain about the kind of music we are singing, complain about the length of the sermon and what we have to eat for lunch.
This morning in North Korea, 33 men and women will say their last prayer, sing their last song, squeeze the hand of the one next to them one last time and breathe their last breath on this earth. Why?
Because they did what we take for granted: They became Christ followers. They worshiped for hours in secret places. They walked for days to read from single bible pages. They sat in dark houses and prayed for revival. They started over 500 underground churches to help further the Gospel.

And you know what? Our side of the world will go on about our Sunday routine as “business as usual”.

We have the freedom to go to any church we want to without the threat of death.

We have the freedom to worship on Main Street and not go to jail.

We have the freedom to pray over someone in Wal-Mart and not face execution.

We have the freedom to sing any style of song we want to, for as long as we want to and not look over our shoulder as we walk home.

But do we do it? No.

We complain.
We gripe.
We argue.
We take 37 bathroom trips during a hour service because we “can’t sit still that long”.

Today, as you walk into the church of your choice, remember the 33 who are walking into Heaven.
Picture them singing Holy, Holy, Holy at the top of their lungs.
Picture them being able to not only talk about Jesus, but to touch Him.
Picture them.

And then worship the One who saw this day before the world was created and knew that “All things work together for the good of them who are called according to His purpose!”