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I hate shopping.
No, I loathe shopping.
The thought of having to spend hours in a store looking for the “perfect” thing, trying it on and breaking out in a sweat in the dressing room….pretty much my worst nightmare!
So, when Stitch Fix presented itself a year ago, my life was forever changed.

For months now, I have had a box of beautiful clothes (4-5 different pieces) delivered to my door step. In the safety of my own bathroom and with my own Prozac, I can try on my totesadorbs items that have been personally selected by my shopping stylist, and then return what I don’t want to keep. So crazy simple!!
I got my Fix (ha!) yesterday and it was my most favorite one yet.


I love that each box has a styling sheet with it. It’s almost like looking at my Pinterest boards. “This can go with this” etc.
When something either doesn’t fit like a glove, or is too much like a piece I already own, I just slip it in the postage paid bag already provided and send it back to my stylist. The process couldn’t be easier! (I also get online and message my stylist to tell her what didn’t work and why. That way she knows what to pull for my next fix!)

Besides my BirchBox and Ipsy addictions, Stitch Fix is probably my favorite day of the month!

If you are interested in signing up, would you use my code? I get credit for each person who signs up and that translates into free clothes for me! (and it also keeps John and I from having “intense moments of fellowship”!)

*it’s $20 each time you decide to get a box. You can have one shipped monthly, every other month, once a quarter, etc. The $20 goes towards the cost of what ever you decide to keep, so it’s not wasted!