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Bible studies used to not be my thing. Not because I hated the bible, but because I didn’t like the accountability. Other women knowing my “stuff”?! Uhhh, don’t sign me up for that! (or cardio!)

Maybe it’s because I’m older.
Or maybe it’s because I have five hundred kids.
Or maybe it’s because I’ve found the wisdom in letting people in.

Either way, I crave it.

I crave the connection with girlfriends. Especially in this season of my life, a chance to sit face to face with someone who doesn’t poop in their pants (at least on purpose) and who doesn’t scream bloody murder when you make them take a shower is almost as good as a vacation!

I am in the process of narrowing down a selection of study books that go hand in hand with the bible and that are applicable to not just the stay at home mom but to the working, single, divorced and widowed. God has us all in different stages of our journey and to single out a particular one, for me, isn’t how I want to go about this.
I want to create a safe space for us to grow.
To walk humbly.
To embrace our faults.
To engage right where we are.
To see each other as He sees us.

If this is something you might be interested in, do you mind commenting with your email address?

I will *hopefully* nail the logistics down this week and we can start sooner rather than later.

~ Jes