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One year ago today, I saw grace.

It was in the room when the doctors said “There’s something wrong with the baby”.

It was there when she called her husband.

It was there when he was a thousand miles away and desperate to get home to her.

It was there when she was laying in the hospital bed alone.

It was there when people were praying all over the world.

It was there when we slept in the parking lot waiting to hear “She’s here!”

It was there when her daddy was begging her to take “One breath baby. Just one!”

It was there when he walked into the hallway and buried his face into his mothers neck and cried.

It was there when I hugged one of the bravest women I know.

It was there when I held her


Karis was born already staring into the face of the One who created her and none of us would ever wish it to be any different for her!

As we stood around the bed and took turns holding this beautiful picture of His grace, we cried. We held tiny hands and kissed sweet little toes. The presence of God was all over that moment and it will forever be etched in my memory.

I’m grateful for the chance to see faith lived out. To see my friends hope in the midst of hurting and healing and to get a glimpse of His grace because of the life of their precious daughter.

Heaven is so much sweeter!