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10 years ago today my safe little homeschooled, never lived out from Daddy’s house, classical music world was rocked to the core.
God gave me a man who wore suits to college, had cologne older than I was and sang southern gospel music.



Needless to say, life started out interesting.

The first month we were married he was gone 28 days, my father and mother in love took me to get my belly button pierced and I quickly learned the difference between daddy’s credit card and John’s debit card.

10 years.
5 kids.
1,378,602 diapers.
3 sets of washers and dryers.
4 pair of missing glasses.
800 middle of the night “one more drink of water” trips.

He has loved me thru all the “finding yourself” fazes of adult life. {one of the down falls of marrying a 19 year old baby!}

He’s loved me thru my fat years and my obsessive gym years.

He’s loved me when I decided to give birth naturally.

He’s loved me when I read somewhere that organic food will keep you from aging {or something like that} and I decided right then and there to become a crunchy granola chick. {which obviously didn’t last long}

He’s loved me thru realizing post-partum depression is real and recognizing that it’s ok to ask for help.

He’s loved me when I came home with a horrific spray tan.

He’s loved me when I would sit in the closet floor and cry because nothing fit, my boobs were sore from nursing and I hadn’t had a shower in 3 days.

He’s loved me when I would call him in a panic because the boys decided to paint the house with acrylic paint.

He’s chosen to love me, every single day, even when he doesn’t have to.
When I pick fights.
When I can’t keep the house clean to save my life.
When I forget to buy mayo.
When I hold a grudge.
When I never, ever make the bed.
When I diagnose myself with wheel induced narcolepsy.
When I throw his shirts in the dryer with a wet towel because I really, really don’t want to iron them.

John has shown me grace, mercy, forgiveness, love, hope, patience and joy.
He has waited on a woman longer than he should have.

He has cleaned hair out of the shower drain more times than I could ever count.

And he has refrained from saying “I told you so!” when he has had every right to scream it at the top of his lungs.

John Dewey, you are one of a kind. And I can’t imaging my life without you in it.
Thank you for introducing me to The Perry’s, Gold City and The Hinsons.
Thank you for encouraging me to get pedicures and spend your dry cleaning money on tanning.
Thank you for giving me five beautiful kids who love you more than life.


Here’s to 40 more! {any more past 50 years of being married and we enter the scary realm of losing bodily functions and I honestly don’t think I can handle that!}

Guess what? I love you. Happy anniversary!