As a woman, wife and mother, I have invisible lines.
Lines that can’t be crossed.
Lines that exist for the protection of myself and my family.
But this week, those lines have been crossed.

We have been on the receiving end of some awful cyber bullying and some of you have been witness to it as well.
Hiding behind firewalls, screen names and fake accounts is a group of hurting women.
Women who have bought the lie that tearing others down will somehow make themselves feel better.
Women who spend hours a day weaving lies upon lies into a sinister web of ugliness.
To address each and every offending party would give unnecessary attention.
To respond to each and every comment would take hours.
I’ve given up enough of my time as it is and I refuse to give more.

My little preacher man {which by the way, is a term of endearment} and I are going to Africa.
A country that has been on our hearts for years.
A country we fell in love with before we ever had stepped foot on her soil.
A country that needs the gospel just like we do.
I had been invited to go and write about what I saw. A request that was seemingly simple, but one I didn’t take lightly. My entire mindset had to gear up for a different approach to writing. A different way of communicating what I’m seeing.
It was exciting.
But because of the sin nature we all posses, my part of the trip was cancelled.
My family was threatened.
My church was threatened.
My precious husband was ripped to shreds.
I had an invisible line.
And it was crossed.

We ARE going to Africa.
We are going to see what 6 days of wide open, zero plans for us ministry looks like.
{God has already gifted us people who are working on our behalf to make arrangements for a safe week.}
We are going to wade through the hurt and loss of joy.
We are going to board a plane at the end of the 6 days and head to a different country.
We are going to love on a group of people who have our hearts and show them that even in the middle of a hurt we’ve never experienced before, He is faithful.
And He sustains us.
And He returns joy.

What they meant for evil, He WILL use for good.