I hate talking about myself. I really should’ve had someone fill this out for me.

Wife. Mom. Cook. Housekeeper. Sunday School teacher. Wiper of snotty noses. Car cleaner-outer. I can rock a Moby Wrap. I don’t eat meat….

I have been married to John Dewey for almost 7 years. We have moved 5 times including a trek from Oklahoma to Tennessee and back to Oklahoma again. I have birthed 5 children who all look like their daddy. We moved away from tornado alley only to have our house destroyed by a tornado in Tennessee. We have buried numerous animals and I foresee countless toilet bowl funerals for fish. John is a pastor at a Baptist Church and I jokingly call myself the First Lady. I sing in a southern gospel group called Highway 96 and have been known to buy sparkly shoes for a concert.

This is my life.

Hope you enjoy!


12 thoughts on “About”

  1. If you hate talking about yourself, then you are going to HATE the seven things you have to write about yourself…http://coffeepoweredmom.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/very-inspiring-blogger-award/

  2. Happy Saturday! I have nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award AND the Beautiful Blogger Award! http://coffeepoweredmom.wordpress.com/2012/06/23/one-lovely-blog-award-and-the-beautiful-blogger-award/

  3. Ronee Bahena said:

    I just love the heck out of your post. . . Keep em comin!!

  4. Jason Martin said:

    Hi Jess , someone sent me this article , I presume it is about you . You may want to refute this as it seems it has been misrepresenting you . I couldn’t find the quotes they used on your blog in this article . http://www.addictinginfo.org/2015/02/04/christian-missionary-discouraged-to-find-africa-isnt-complete-wasteland-that-she-can-save/

  5. Terminusbound said:

    My heart was prepared for dirt floors.
    For dirty laundry hanging everywhere.
    For kids that were half naked and covered in bug bites.
    People who couldn’t speak English.

    Do you know how clueless you are? Eventually you will find those poor bug infested black people you are looking for and you can save them. I would recommend removing this part as you might not want the Kenyans to know what you thought of them before you arrived, .

  6. Christianity? In Kenya we are happy with the God we know and serve. A God that does not get disappointed when He see’s his people improve their lives. I wonder why you come all the way to this beautiful scenic country, our motherland Kenya, to ‘save us’. You can’t save us. Only our God in heaven can and we are glad that He does. Please go back to your country and leave us in the peace and tranquility you found us in.

  7. Jason Martin did you even read the blg. The things quoted in the addictinginfo article came straight from Ms Tidwell’s blog entry itself. I am disgusted at how self-centred Ms Tidwell is. I can’t believe she didn’t like Nairobi because it didn’t conform to her ethnocentric perceptions of what an African city should be like. Rather than coming to Africa to “save the natives” and rescue them from their misery – she needs to stop viewing Kenyan people as victims. Instead she should be in Kenya in order to work with Kenyans in the global fight against poverty as it is a fight that is essential for peace throughout the world and essential for the well being of her children and Kenyan children alike.

  8. Ship your IGNORANT self back to the backwoods you crawled out from..

  9. You forgot to write that you have an almost sadist case of Savior syndrome. How dare you call yourself a Christian? I was born and raised in Nairobi (remember that city in Kenya that really disappointed you for not having poor dying babies, dirt floors etc etc?) I am sad that you went to my dear country!
    I am bitter, sick and tired of you and the likes of you who go to Africa to get a brag card saying *insert crocodile tears here* “I held the hands of 2 babies as they died from hunger, there was no one there for them but me”
    It is absurd that you did not, at least google about where you were going…. just for your own safety.
    You make make me SICK! do the world a favor and stay in your lane. I refuse to believe you have a calling in mission work. On behalf of all Kenyans and Africans as a whole KEEP OFF!
    I will stop there because I don’t want to say nasty things to you…… others have already done that
    I will sincerely pray for you, so the LORD can take away that need in you to see people suffering.

    • South African said:

      Well said Nyakio. Enough with these poverty tours. If God is using her for anything, it is to shed light to her and her ilk how insideous these church tours are to our countries.

      Charity begins at home, Jes. Try reaching out to the disadvantaged in Oklahoma before spending so much money to ‘save’the Motherland.

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